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Functional Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine (FAHM) Courses

  • Applied Nutrition for the Acupuncture Physician


    8.0 CE FLORIDA BOARD - General Category

    8.0 PDA NCCAOM 

    Course Description:

    Learn more about nutrition, this foundation nutrition course will explore the biochemistry of nutrition, functions, deficiency, repletion and toxicity states of vitamin, mineral and other nutrients including laboratory assessment for evidence-based treatment protocols. Specialized nutritional protocols and functional approaches to nutrition therapy will be explored. 

    The attendee will be able to use techniques learned in this class to improve patient outcomes immediately by ordering specialty testing and creating targeted nutritional supplementation protocols. 

    This course is a prerequisite for the 12 module Functional Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine certificate course.

  • Deep Dive Gastrointestinal Disorders and Treatment (GI Map)



    8.0 PDA NCCAOM 

    Course Description:

    This deep dive into functional stool testing and the treatment of GI disorders will enable you to feel confident in the diagnosis and treatment planning for these difficult to treat disorders. 

    Do your patients have : Acid reflux, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gastroparesis, abdominal pain - to name a few?

    Are you frustrated with how to confidently prescribe treatment?

    This course will review:

    GI MAPS Assessment analysis AND treatment with acupuncture, nutritional planning, herbals, and nutritional substances.

    After this course, you will know:

    • When to order the test.
    • Which test to order.
    • How to order the GI Maps.
    • How to treat the identified problems.
    • Which problem to address first.
    • The timeline to treat.
    • These first 8 hours will give a solid foundation for you to grow from! 

    There will be an opportunity to join a member forum and eventually there will be additional modules addressing all systems in the human body.

    Integration of functional medicine into your existing Chinese medicine practice will take you, your practice and your patients to the next level.